The awards are open to all parties involved in the process of producing annual reports for listed companies, government bodies, associations, and non-profit organizations. Entries can be of either the previous calendar year or fiscal year of the competition.

We have a category of Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG Report) for entry in view of the increasing awareness of corporate sustainability.

Entrants may submit as many design works as they wish. The same report can be entered in different categories and under a particular industry. Please refer to the session of Categories for details. An entry in another category is treated as an independent application. Each submission must be entered with its own entry form and required documents, as the judging process takes place independently in each category.

Entry fees

Entry fee is £260, including VAT, per entry. For details, please see the entry form. Entry fees include the services below:

  • Registration and storage
  • Preparation of a jury record
  • Preparation of the information on the project and
  • Presentation of the annual report during the jury session

Once the entry has been received by IADA, there will be no refund for any reason.

Deadline to submit

02/08/2023 - Entry close
02/09/2023 - Jury session
30/09/2023 - Winner announcement

What to submit online or by email

1. A completed entry form
2. Soft copy of annual report
3. Entry fee with online payment form or T/T payment proof

Where to submit or

Online Application
Download Entry Form